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Few bands mean more to us than Plastic Inevitables. At some point in our history as a band together, we played a show at placed called the Underground. That’s when we first started to run into these three great guys. They were just these three young dudes in high school that came to their shows well dressed and had primary colors decidedly taped all over their equipment. At one point they told us that the way we handled ourselves on-stage inspired them to let go and move around more when they played, which to us was probably one of the coolest things we’d ever heard as a band. As the years have passed, we’ve watch the three of them grow up, go to college and get dramatically good at writing and playing songs. The coolest thing we’ve gotten to see though is the three of them growing incredibly close with each other as friends. It’s a strange but we’ve always felt that bands being friends before being band mates is crucial to writing good music. We like to think that this philosophy we ascribe to has rubbed off a bit on them :)

But enough of my yapping, I could write all day about how awesome these guys are.

Back in December, Plastic Inevitables released their third album “Loon” on Best Friend Records and had a CD release party at Rohs St Cafe to celebrate. So, we headed out to the show to watch them rock out and decided to film a short video of one of their performances. What we came up with was this:

This video is of their September short song Pairasouls, which is an awesome song. It should make it’s way into an album soon…

– Corey Larrison

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