Rohs St. Cafe – February 11th ***FREE***

Ok….take out your wallet or purse. Open it up. Take out the cash and credit cards. Now burn them. Thats because our show on February 11th at Rohs Street Cafe is free yall! Free, that means you dont have to pay to get in.

The Never Setting Suns

Ok, dont really burn your cash or credit cards, that was more or less a joke. Bring it, support the artist playing there! We will be playing with some friends of ours The Digital Sundials and The Tiger and the Duke. This is also our last show before our CD release show. What does this mean for you?
Its simple…

You have this friend, and that friend has never been to a TNSS show (hard to believe). What do you do? Bring them to this show! “Oh gosh! What is it going to cost me.” – Your friend says. (This part is for you). You say “Oh, I know the band, they are putting us on the guest list.” – Sounds cool right? And then, that friend comes, his/her ear drums bust and they say, “Man, that was great, when do they play again.?” Thats when you say “THE CD RELEASE SHOW, MARCH 24th!”

This is really just one scenario of how that night could work for you, we would love to hear the stories of how you got them there at the show. We are really excited about this show, and really just because it is FREE. To us, we really wanted to play for our friends as a huge “THANK YOU!” for your continuous support and allowing us to create another full length album. So, thank you!

Here is the link to event page on Facebook:
Rohs St Cafe – The Never Setting Suns

Thanks so much! Look forward to seeing you there and hanging out. New Album – March 24th!

As per the usual, listen to this song. Its really good:

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2 Responses to Rohs St. Cafe – February 11th ***FREE***

  1. Simon George says:

    i dig your dedication to indie rock on your blog. keep up the hard work and good posts. IStillGotMyGuitar

    • AlessiiTha says:

      Love the new CD Tig. In fact I listened to it today while gteting a root canal. I just hope I don’t form a link between your voice and gteting my teeth drilled.

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