Album Release Party – Band Practice – Cats

If you haven’t noticed, we’re releasing our second full length album Time & Eternity in eleven days at the 20th Century Theater. Facebook event here. And we’re pretty excited about it. So excited in fact, that I thought I would take a second to give you a little inside look on how Chris, Tyler and I are preparing for the show. First and foremost, 7 am practices:

We’ve been trying really hard to practice as much as we can before the album release show so we’ve been practicing multiple times a week in our cozy band space at a place we call Landshark. With our jobs and other interests, though, we’ve been primarily getting up early to get together and play. It’s been pretty awesome.

Picture of a CatThis morning it was so dark when we started practicing that we had to turn on all the lights in our band room. It was cool because we got to watch the sun come up while were playing and it honestly just felt great to be outside this morning.

In other news, we’ve recently gotten a giant shipment of all our CDs, which means three of us have significantly chilled out. It’s nerve racking not having your CDs in hand when your release party’s coming up, so getting them was a big relief. The arrive at our receiving facility/Corey’s parents house on Monday. Here’s a picture of the boxes if you haven’t already seen it. The cat was Corey’s mom’s idea.

Other than that, we just want all of you to know that you’re awesome. You’re the reason we can do what we do period. You guys are our supporters and with out you we wouldn’t be able to record songs and make albums. We’re incredible grateful that we know so many of you too. If you’re reading this blog right now, chances are you know us and have talked to us and have been a part of our lives in someway. If you haven’t, put it on your to do list to come say hi to us.

Oh yeah, and invite your friends: The Never Setting Suns Album Release Party

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