Sad News For Indie Rock – Southgate House Closing

Sadly, the historic Southgate House, I can’t believe I’m saying this, is closing. posted about it earlier today and the Southgate House officially released a statement on their website tonight:

Indie Rock BandsWe are sad to announce that after 30 years in continuous operation as a music venue under the ownership and operation of Ross Raleigh, the Southgate House will host its last show on
We look forward to opening our business in a new location soon. New Years Eve, Dec. 31 2011.

Thank you for the wonderful memories and your support.

indie rock chris and tyler
In few words, this sucks. We’ve considered the Southgate House to be our Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky home for a long time. No venue has ever had such an amazing staff with such an incredible local music philosophy as the Southgate House and honestly, unless they relocate to somewhere new, no place ever will. For going on four years as a band, we’ve fallen in love with the place and grown incredibly close, at least in spirit, to the managers, bar tenders and sound guys of the historic venue. No blog post could ever express the deep resounding void that the loss of this venue will cause in the hearts of so many.

So here’s to that great venue and the hope of a new live indie rock haven. What optimism I find in this tragic loss is that the building means nothing; the staff mean everything. I have no doubt that the amazing people who’ve had their hands in the Southgate house, at least that we’ve known, will find another place in the music community surrounding Cincinnati and Northern-Kentucky and bring as much fellowship and encouragement as they ever have.

Thank you for everything you given us and countless others Southgate House.

– Corey, Tyler & Chris

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