O’Brother – Garden Window Release

I thought today I would share with you all a band that we have been listening to for some time now. That band is O’Brother.
indie rock band
I first saw them after Griffin had raved about them for so long. Him and I made a trip to Columbus to see Manchester Orchestra play and these fellas were opening. Needless to say, I was hooked as soon as I heard them. I remember telling Griffin on the way home “man, that is something I have been waiting for, for a long time.” I remember thinking, how did they craft such beautiful melodies with such powerful, face melting riffs? It was definitely refreshing to hear something so heavily intricate and solid in a generation of “pop” and “indie dance.”

We went to see them a couple weeks later when they came to Cincy at the Mad Hatter (RIP). Talking with them after the show, I was immediately taken back by just how down to earth these guys were. Again, not something I have seen too much in the rock and roll scene before. Not to mention, we realized that many of the influences and things they were listening to, was extremely similar to us, including bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Mogwai.

O’Brother’s first full length album (Garden Window) is being released tomorrow. Pick it up (figuratively – MP3s are great too) and listen to it, you wont be disappointed. When they are close by, or not, go to their show. It is a difficult thing to capture the raw intensity that live shows have, this is one of those bands that you want to see live. Go, therefore, and “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (@obrothermusic), get the EP, and watch their live performance on Audio Tree.


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  1. Cesar S. says:

    Best band alive for sure, they bring such ambiance, they play music like if they are trying to theatrically tell a story through a instrumental explosion of unique sounds creating an amazing atmosphere! They remind me of the way Pink Floyd portraits their music very well thought and so much indulgence of passion and creativity. O’ Brother’s music is rare and the poetic vocals behind the music is genius! One mistake bands do a lot is changing their unique sound trying to sound something they are not, maybe because they are afraid to give the consumer the same sounding album like the previous one, but what many don’t understand is that you can keep your style and always learn how to explore new heights using the amazing talents and minds behind the music. I hope this never happens with O’ Brother I pray! Spread that word of advice to my good friends. Thanks for coming to Houston!

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