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Hey Girlos and Boyos,

It has bee a little while now since we have updates our blog, we do apologize for that, I know many of you have been clicking refresh since our last post about the Toadies – to you, our biggest sympathy, you may now get on with the rest of your life.

I just want to take a minute and update anyone who is interested with the happenings of the “Suns.” This past week was spent at the Monastery Studio in Clifton. A truly adventurous, fun, and exhausting week for the 3 of us. I am sure all of us are really excited and satisfied with the work that we did, however, there is still more to be done. But, the longest and most time consuming parts of recording are all out of the way.

Going to the studio is always eye opening to me when I begin observing my two band mates. And to be up front – these are a couple of the closest people in my life. A lot the times, when the 3 of us are at a common area with other friends, family, co-workers, etc, we find ourselves naturally drawing towards each other. Its funny, I can think of several moments in particular, even at my own wedding, there were several times where one of us would look around and laugh because we had found ourselves hanging out exclusively. But, there is a side to each of them spiritually, emotionally and artistically that not everyone gets to see. In practice and playing shows, some of this comes out and its amazing to watch, but another side is uncovered when we are in the studio. Each one of their work ethics is shown. There were two days this week that I wasnt able to get to the studio, due to a sickness, but Tyler and Corey pressed on, putting together the skeletons of the songs, so upon arrival, I could just jump in.

This album will consist of mixture of songs we have been working since we wrote our first album, songs that have been slowly written through the course of practicing and playing shows, and several heart wrenching, foot stomping, head banging songs from the grab-bag of Corey’s past. Some people have asked me how this album will sound. Its hard to describe really, especially to not give too much away just yet. The only thing I can do is compare it to previous albums. All I can really say is that we really wanted to capture the intensity and boldness of a live show – easier said than done. Also, I would say there is some different song structure compared to previous material, not so much the plane jane song, but much more intricate infused with melodies turning into an abrupt explosion of chaos.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are excited to release it TBD and thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement.

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