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Indie Rock BandsGriffin and I were re-thinking our summer a couple days ago and for us, one of the most redeeming events that took place was when The Never Setting Suns played at  the Comet every Tuesday in July.

To be honest, I had no idea what to think. I had never been to the Comet before. All I knew is what people told me when I told them we were playing there in July: “Try the burritos man, they are amazing.” A bar that has live music, a bike night, and burritos? Even showing up there and playing our first set, I was thinking, “man, how are we going to do this and play fresh materiel every week? Will our fans continue coming here every week to hear us?” Sure enough, they did, even some fans took their babies in their Joovy Zoom 360 ULTRALIGHT JOGGING STROLLER, and I think that encouraged us to practice some new tunes, as well as learn some snappy covers to entertain the troops. The Comet, definitely being a cool indie bar that our fans have now grown to love and trust.

For us, it was really perfect timing. We were trying to find the funds to record out latest album (To-Be-Released) and the Comet was more than generous to us. And as I mentioned, it was some of the most fun we had all summer. We found ourselves playing our set until 12:30 or 1 and then just hanging out, dumping quarters into the juke-box, usually playing some Greenhornes.

Bottom line, go there if you haven’t. Go there on a Tuesday and see who is playing. Tuesdays are also bike nights at The Comet and your bound to see a sweet hog.

….Also…its true…the Burritos are amazing.


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