December Pedal Board Design & Indie Rock

This month we are very fortunate to have some great shows lined up. This Friday, December 16th, we’ll be playing an awesome show at the 86 Club with old friends A Wayward Heart and old/new friends, Language of the Birds. The show is actually a long awaited reunion show for A Wayward Heart and, as a band, we’re pretty honored to have been asked to be a part of it. For years we’ve admired their efforts and have been really close with guitarist/multi-pedalist Brian Beyke and the various out pouring of his talents. We’re also very excited to hear Language of the Birds take the stage. On any other day, they’re two great guys that used to be in Good Morning Gladys (who also had a song called Spheres!!!) but on this Friday, they’ll be two great guys and the most love-able Andy Hull look-a-like … Andy Lay. Quick story about Andy Lay, we had him come up on stage with us in November to smash a plastic Santa with a sledgehammer.

With all this going on on Friday, we decided to get working in the band space and out of respect for Brian Beyke, I decided to switch up my pedal board design a bit. Here’s a google-earth view of it:

Pedal Board Designs for Post Rock

To be brief, I went minimalist. Generally I have an octave pedal with a DL4 in the effects loop of it but I decided to try a simpler approach to achieve a little ambient insanity for this show. Notice the Danelectro Daddy-O, an indie rock overdrive classic, in the far right hand corner, it’s intensely modified. It actually is the beginning of an entirely separate effects chain running through the board that my guitar never touches. I have it set up so that a cheap radio shack microphone with a 1/4 inch output plugs into the Daddy-O that is then sent to the Stereo Memory Man, the T.C. Electronics Nova Delay and finally to the mic input of my Boss RC-20XL. What does that mean? That means I’ll have a microphone running through an overdrive and two delay pedals running straight into my Fender Pro-Reverb! What does that mean? Nasty noises! What will I use it for? I don’t really know! I’m just really excited about it!

Expect unnecessary amounts of delayed feedback on Friday. Godspeed You Black Emperor style…

– Corey

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