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Today’s a wonderfully chilling morning and that excites me for tonight. As a band, we’ve been spending most of our time preparing for our next record, writing material for the next next record and honestly just spending a lot of time together. In the last few months, Corey got married, Chris & Lisa bought a house and Tyler cut off his rat tail. A lot of incredible changes in our lives have been happening and if anything, it’s made us as musicians stronger. We’ve always felt that the music comes out of our friendship, not the other way around. Accordingly, the last few months of us growing together has been come out in the music we play together in the small ex-children’s bible study room that serves as our practice space.

So tonight, in a big basement with low ceilings in Anderson Township, the east-side where most artists abandon to go to Clifton after high school (but come back at 26), we’re playing a show.

Indie Rock Bands - TNSSA close, loud show for us to share the music that’s been brewing in us over the last year. And thankfully there’ll be a cool evening for all the steaming bodies to cool off in between songs and after it’s all over.

Long live indie rock.

– Corey

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