Backflips – Great Young Hunters – Indie Rock

A lot, as always, has been going in the lives of The Never Setting Suns.

To start things off, here’s an awesome video we made of us jumping off cliffs at Red River Gorge. We spent labor day weekend their with a larger group of like minded friends and this is what we spent a good amount of our time doing.

If you noticed in the video, there’s a snippet of a new song off our album! This song has a name, it’s called “Meet Me There” and it might be the “single” or whatever you want to call it that we release before the album. Who knows. Either way, this past week, we completely finished mixing the album. YEAH! So, what’s next is mastering, then pressing, then releasing, then laughing, then crying, then Dixie Chili.

Now, this week’s slug from the slew of indie rock bands that we love are Great Young Hunters.

Great Young Hunters are great friends of ours. Somewhere along the lines of the two years ago, I traded a BYOC Tone Bender II fuzz pedal for two guitars that needed a lot of love (a Japanese electric from the 60’s and a German acoustic from the 70’s) with a guy named Nick down in Clifton. Fast forward a few months and I’m in a class at the University of Cincinnati meeting a guy named David Coombs for the first time. The thing about my Integrated-Science-Secondary-Education-with-a-concentration-in-Physics degree is that there were (well, are until this winter when we graduate) only two other people in my major, one of those two being David. Two years into the program, we actually meet for the first time and we figure out that we both play guitar in bands and he’s playing in a band called Great Young Hunters, with a guy named Nick, who I happened to trade a boutique pedal to a few months earlier. The stars aligned and band-love ensued. We’ve played a handful of shows with these guys and they are absolutely incredible musicians. Real indie rockers. Here’s a song from them.

Think Radiohead meets Cavesingers. Kings of tone of tone with abrasively sweet vocals. Nick & Dave play the guitars and they’re both gearheads, giving their sound that incredible wall fuzz feel only a Jazzmaster through a Ram’s Head Big Muff (that’s right, Nick has a Ram’s Head!) could provide. Sadly, however, they’re going on indefinite hiatus as of their last show which happened this past Friday. I wanted to get this post out not too long after the end to at least bring a little memorial to these great guys. You can still get a hold of their album Civil Twilight on their Bandcamp account though, so feel free to pick up a piece of Cincinnati rock history. What I loved most about these guys was their love for the creative spark and rock & roll. They were great guys who wrote songs that they would want to hear. They loved their songs and they loved to play their songs. That’s what makes a great indie rock band. I hope they’ll be remembered for that.

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  1. “Who so loves believes the impossible.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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    mate do you have a twitter?

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